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MapleStar Music & media - UK office

In August 2013 we became the UK office for Nashville-based publicity and radio promoter MapleStar Music & Media.

The company actually had its beginnings in the UK, but when it’s Director, Cameron Tilbury relocated to Nashville in 2011, the company moved with it. However, one of the key pieces of the puzzle—and to continue to grow its international reputation—was to be able to re-open a British office.

With the company’s head office in Nashville, as well as an office near Toronto, Canada MapleStar Music & Media and Kickinmedia is uniquely placed to give UK & European artists access to the country and Americana music scene in the USA, Canada and around the world, not previously available.

Tours, showcases, international radio play, press and publicity are all now accessible and affordable. We’re already working with artists like Gord Bamford (Canada), Redneck Millionaires (Canada), entertainer Kelly Vohnn (Canada/USA) The Western Swing Authority (Canada), Seth Alley (Nashville), Nick Canger (Nashville), rock band Hip Kitty (Nashville), Lesley Curtis (UK), rock photographer Nick Elliott (UK), best-selling author Nicky Wells (UK).

Following the announcement of the UK launch, the Country Music Association invited MapleStar Music & Media to sit on the judging panel of the CMA Awards - International category.

Join our roster and discover what MapleStar Music & Media can do! Let us tell the world about you!